Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We perform the following specialized services for Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

  1. Complete examination
  2. Diagnostic records
  3. Treatment planning
  4. Removal of Oral Sepsis Scaling
  5. Periodontal procedures viz root planing & Flap Surgeries with or without Bone grafting
  6. Removal of mutilated and Impacted teeth
  7. Saving of badly decayed teeth by Root Canal Treatment
  8. Replacement of missing teeth by Bridge &Crowns or Implants
  9. Advanced implant technique for replacing missing teeth without involving adjacent teeth
  10. Cosmetic Procedures like Smile Designing – closure of spaces between teeth.

Teeth whitening, Gingival Contouring, De-pigmentation of gingiva, Correction of malaligned teeth by Orthodontic treatment.

Improving overall functions of mouth and provide the best Quality of Life

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